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TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Eyewear: The Story

A powerful combination of integrated design, ergonomic engineering, "100% Made in France," outstanding quality and superior materials. Development and production, deliver eyewear that remains unrivaled in performance and patented innovation.

Function drives our design. The seamless aesthetic of the frame's invisible hinges and straight Elastomer stems is based on concrete wearability - comfort, lightness and responsiveness to the demands of daily life and sports performance. Numberable patents and prestigious industry awards recognize the rigor of this design philosophy that fuses function and refinement.

TAG Heuer icon, the “Reflex”, embodies TAG Heuer DNA: the flexible ß-Titanium temples are a major innovation and an engineering feat. Not only does it allow an unmatched comfort and face customization but also a unique aeasthetic. Many other TAG Heuer models such as the “L-Type”, the “C-Flex”, The “Panorama” or the “NightVision” have pioneered luxury eyewear and been rewarded by many prestigious Silmo and Red Dot awards.